Austromyrtus dulcis

Austromyrtus dulcis


common name

Midyim, Midgen berry, silky myrtle.

traditional use

It was a favourite of Aborigines in Moreton Bay (Low, 35).

part used



Midyim is a small 1-2m shrub with slender opposite leaves, easily identified by its characteristic berries. The leaves are 1-3 cm long, and young foliage is coppery- coloured. Small white flowers appear early Summer and are followed late Summer to early Autumn by soft, purple speckled white berries, about 1 cm wide, containing small seeds (Low, 35).

flavour profile

Midyim is one of Australia’s tastiest wild fruits, with a soft, sweet, slightly aromatic pulp that melts in the mouth (Low, 35)


Eat berries fresh or use in pies and preserves.