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Footeside Farm

Footeside Farm has been growing native food plants since 1999. Varieties include:

  • Wattle Seed (acacia victorae)
  • Bush Tomato (solanum central)
  • Quandong (santalum acuminatum)
  • Salt Bush (Atriplex nummalaria).

Footeside started marketing their produce under the Footeside Farm logo from 2010. Visit their website for all of their products developed at Footeside Farm along with recipe ideas from the cookbook Wattle Seed, The Kitchen Handbook which features 35 recipes with photos and information on how to use wattle seed in your everyday cooking.

Address: PO Box 27, EUDUNDA, SA 5374
Phone: 08 8581 1373

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Neville Bonney

Neville Bonney is a South Australian native plant expert, ethnobotanist and published author. Neville has a range of South Australian Native produce available for purchase and is available for public appointments.

Please contact Neville via:
Mobile: 0419 803 189




In 2004 Pete and Lyn Kuhlmann purchased 88 acres of land at Angas Valley, north of Mannum. The land was cleared and degraded farm land so the Kuhlmann's made the commitment to revegetate a large portion of their property,. hence the name.... Releaf. 

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Outback Pride

The Outback Pride Project was created by Mike and Gayle Quarmby of Reedy Creek, South Australia in 2001. Their aim was to provide opportunities for remote Aboriginal communities to access an industry where their traditional knowledge would be valued.

The Outback Pride Project is promoting the Australian native food industry by developing the native food industry and supporting a network of production sites within traditional Aboriginal communities.

The cultivation of Australian native food provided indigenous Australians with jobs and training in horticulture and the food industry. The project also acknowledges the intellectual property and cultural ownership of the traditional uses of bush foods.

Outback Pride website:

 Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove encapsulates Ancient Encounters with three of Australia’s finest medicinal plants on a certified organic property at Belvidere in South Australia. The three plants include the lesser known Scented Emu Bush "Eremophila alternifolia", Sandalwood "Santalum spicatum" and Native Pine "Callitris gracilis".

They have the potential to reduce pain as well as anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory capacities. So we invite you to take a journey in this web site to discover for yourself an Ancient Encounter made for you and your body.

Sacred Grove website:

Centre Farm

QUANDONGS available Fresh (in season),
Frozen or Dehydrated available all year round.

Contact: Craig Ellix
Address: 50 Railway Terrace, Snowtown SA 5520
Phone: 08 8568 2355
Mobile 0418 897 177