Sarcocornia quinqueflora

Sarcocornia quinqueflora


common name

Bearded or Beaded Glasswort, Chicken claws (Salicornia australis).

traditional use

Early settlers used it in salads and as a pickle to ward off scurvy and starvation (Low, 1991)

part used

Young shoots at the tip of the plant.

Samphire is high in Vitamin A and is a good source of calcium and iron.


October - March

flavour profile

Samphire has a distinctively crisp and salty taste.


It can be used raw in salad, though it tends to be very salty so it is more often blanced or steamed for a few minutes. It can also be sautéed with macadamia or olive oil, garlic and onion. 

Samphire pairs well with seafood and is wonderful in salads, pesto and salsa verde or as a garnish. 

To reduce saltiness, blanch for 30 – 45 seconds or soak for 1-2 hours, before plunging in ice water.