Since 1996, SANFA has led the effort to promote native food species.



Our Mission

SANFA aims to serve as a liaison between organisations and the native food industry by opening up lines of communication and providing relevant information.

It is our aim to facilitate an opportunity  for Australian native ingredients to become embedded within the culinary fabric of each and every Australian kitchen.

sanfa and its members aim to:

  • Promote the cultivation of native plant food species in sustainable production.
  • Promote the use of native plant foods in Australian cuisine and products.
  • Produce high quality native food products
  • Support cooperation and networking within the whole native food industry in Australia
  • Educate the general public about native plants and native food.
  • Facilitate an opportunity for native plants and ingredients to become imbedded within Australian households.
  • Foster recognition of native food ingredients, to foster a sense of the familial.
  • Liaise between organisations and the native food industry